Burgiona Softlaborejo: a software company founded in April 2011. We create Windows based applications. Our goal is to make helpful and easy-to-use shareware for personal users.

Products: Foliaro (shareware) Outliner+Browser. Marinotes (freeware) Outliner with simple HTML supported.

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Foliaro is a hierarchically structured notebook (outliner, personal organizer) with a web browser integrated. This tool is particularly useful for collecting and organizing information on the web. You can use it as a usual web browser, and capture articles, images, maps and anything else on the web to paste them to Foliaro files. Of course, you can import anything from other browsers, such as Internet Explorer*, by Drag and Drop or by Copy and Paste.

Foliaro features with hyperlinks, with which you can open various documents, or run executable programs from within the Foliaro file.

The data are compressed to make smaller files, and you can protect your private data by encryption.

Nowadays we often hear the word 'Cloud'. Foliaro turns to the opposite in a sense; it uses local files for quicker handling. Today's hard disks have abundant capacity. Foliaro is recommended to you who prefer to use such an enormous local storage rather than using network storage with fear of disconnection.

But, lo, the cyber world is changing rapidly. You'll soon see no difference between Local and Clouds. For instance, with Dropbox, SugarSync you can access your data files without noticing whether they are in the local storage or on clouds. So comes the benefit from those advanced clouds to your Foliaro files: accessing (or sharing) your files anytime anywhere (though, you have to install Foliaro).

(v1.2.1 or later) You can easily log in to various cloud services. This can enhance the features that Foliaro does not have yet, such as task management.

Foliaro means a collection of leaves (foliage) in Esperanto.

*Internet Explorer is the trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Key Features:
    including Tables and Custom styles.
    Templates are available, as well.
  • Capturing articles, images, etc. from Web (paste and edit them on Foliaro)
  • Hyperlinks can open web pages and various local files, and run executable programs.
  • Bookmarks can also open web pages and files directly from navigator.
  • Remembering passwords for web sites
    Convenient to log-in.
  • 2 types of outliners:
    2-pane (Navigator+Article) and 1-pane (inside the Article pane)
  • Searching the whole file to reach the target quickly
  • Encrypting texts and images to protect your private data.
  • Classification (Grouping deeply nested nodes)
  • Free layout; Multiple tabs; Read-only windows
  • Simple diary
  • Exporting articles to HTML files
    (Foliaro uses the SQLite database engine.)
  • File compression
  • Printing

Foliaro can be used :
  • To just jot down anything, memorize ideas
  • For Techincal notes
  • For Recipe
  • For Diary
  • For Photo albums
  • For Web bookmarks
  • To collect information on the web
  • For contact list
  • To protect passwords, PINs, etc.
  • As a base launcher to run programs or to open documents.
  • For TODO list
  • To collect information for reports, dissertations, and essays
  • For a story outline
  • To make lists of interesting books, musics, travel spots, and anything you like

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Comment by editor team:
"Foliaro - impressively powerful, feature-rich and comprehensive application that can be used for a large variety of purposes. It combines a powerful notebook and a handy web browser in order to open a large range of possibilities for your efficiency."