● Supported Operating Systems:
  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP2* or later

Foliaro 1.10.7 : 2016-12-20
  File size: 10 186 689 bytes
MD5: bdba67607b5f33cbeba38dbf3870306b

Update history

  1. If an error message appears on start-up
    Download the file from the Microsoft site here to install the DLL files.
    * Click on the [Download] button, and select:
  2. If you are using v1.10.5
    The DLL files below are included in the Foliaro folder. However, failures in the program are reported in some systems. We recommend you to delete the following DLL files:
      "svcr120.dll" and "msvcp120.dll"
       They reside in the following folder:
      32bit OS → C:\Program Files\Foliaro
      64bit OS → C:\Program Files (x86)\Foliaro

    If an error message appears on start-up, install the new ones as described above.

How to update

First, close all the Foliaro windows, then install the app.
You do not need to uninstall the old version, just install the new one.


● This software should be distributed in the form of the original unmodified self-extracting installation program.
● Distribution with illegal patch program(s) or with modified program(s), in any form and by any media, is not permitted.

The next update -- (scheduled ...).
  1. Change the browser to IE (V7 or later). The current version uses Firefox.
  2. (details are subject to change.)

Updates notification service
We can notify about the new versions released. Send the following email to .
I wish to be notified of Foliaro's new versisons.
My licence number is: xxxxxxxxxx
(See Help→"About Foliaro" for your Licence number)
Notify to the email address: xxx@yyy.zzz
Note: This service is applied for the registered users only. Your email address will not be transferred to third parties or used other than for this service.

Future plans

  1. Foliaro for Linux
  2. Google Chromium Edition
  3. Improving Intrinsic outliner.
  4. Useful TODO list.
  5. Tagging hierarchically.
  6. Easier access to Templates.
  7. Installation for each user on a PC.
  8. Search with Regular Expression.