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* FAQ (2011-09-07)

* It hardly occurs, but you might see an error message just after the installation. This is caused by the lack of the Microsoft.VC90.CRT file. If you encounter such a trouble, email to .

Bugs and workarounds

Bugs found are listed here.
  1. [Not bug] You had better set the Preferred Languages (Tools⇒Settings⇒Browser tab), because the default is Japanese and English (ja, en). Set "en" for English, "de" for German, "fr" for French, "es" for Spanish, "it" for Italian, or leave it blank. [2012-01-23]

  2. When you click the right mouse-button at the end of a line (in the Edit mode), you often find, the whole paragraph is selected. In that case, add one or two dummy characters at the end of the line, select the dummy, and click the right mouse-button. [2012-01-23]

  3. Change only the image size by dragging an image handle, then, for instance, show another node, and get back again to that node; the size of the image is not changed. (v1.0.2) [2011-04-30]
    [Cause] There is no means to detect the change of the image size by dragging a handle.
    Workaround Make a dummy change to the text, for example, enter a space and soon delete it.