1. How shoud I deal with the old version when I update the app? [2011-04-19]
    You need not to uninstall the old version, just install the new one. Check off the option "Add an exception to the Windows Firewall", as this is already set (unless you install the app in another folder).

  2. I'm using Windows XP. When I opened the Sample file (or Help), and closed it in its initial state, then the message "Save the changes?" shows up. Why? [2011-04-27]
    The shipped Sample and Help files are created with Windows 7. Windows 7 and XP have a little difference in the pane sizes. Therefore, the message shows up to save the pane size. Select Yes, and no more messages will show up. (Pane sizes might be connected to the window theme.)

  3. How can I delete the table itself? [2011-06-16]
    When you select the whole table and press the [Delete] key, only the contents of the table are deleted, not the table itself. In order to delete the table, insert dummy characters above the table, and select them together with the table, then press the Delete key.
    If you just created a table, you can soon undo (ctrl+Z) it.

  4. When pasting, the whole paragraph is sometimes selected. If paste is done, the selected text will be replaced. How can I deal with this? [2011-09-07]
    It seems to happen when pasting at the end of a paragraph <p>. This is the browser's characteristic. To avoid the paragraph selection, insert one or two dummy spaces at the position where you wish to insert the text; select the dummy, then paste the text.